ABLECARE services

ABLECARE staff are ready to assist your organisation 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, with our on-call team waiting to take your call and assist you with your staffing needs daily commencing at 5am to 11pm 7 days a week.

ABLECARE are dedicated to providing professional qualified staff local to the Health Care Services in the community, to meet the needs of staffing requirements of the organisation on a casual/temporary basis.

ABLECARE staff include Registered Nurses, Community Nurses, Endorsed Enrolled Nurse, Personal Care Attendants, Disability Service Workers.

Our aim is to provide dedicated and localised staff with the experience to provide the compassion and empathy that is essential to dignified care.

ABLECARE are devoted to a comprehensive recruitment process, to ensure our staff will match the quality needs of your organisation maintaining consistent service to your residents.

ABLECARE also offer recruitment services for short term assignments. By offering this local service ABLECARE has the ability to ensure your valued clients are being cared for in line with the your organisational values and behaviours, providing customer service excellence by assisting in relieving staff shortage stress immediately.

ABLECARE commit to your business by supplying local staff without the additional expenses that can be attached when engaging services that are not local to your community, and in turn raise the cost of the service that can be provided to their valued clients. With ABLECARE being local to your area, Health Care Providers don’t have the added stress of incurring additional travel cost, extended wait time from relief staff having to travel a distance and in some cases, accommodation expenses.

At ABLECARE we believe in continuous improvement through transparent communication processes and value all feedback. The feedback we receive strengthens the service provided and our relationship with staff and meeting the needs of your organisation.

ABLECARE staff are trained and kept up to date with licences, certificates, mandatory training and qualifications. All our staff are covered by Workcover insurances.

ABLECARE staff timesheets can be located under the form tab on this website. Timesheets are for completion at the end of each assignment and are required to be signed off by the facility supervisor of the shift.

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